Update for my followers and any sponsors


Ok, so just an update as I come across things. Sugery will be second week of April providing my insurance has kicked in by then, otherwise it will be pushed back until insurance is finally set up. Also, a new video card has been ordered not sure when It will be here, I’m thinking about a week or so. Soon as it’s here and installed blogging and everything should be back to normal, I will be out of commission in RL for a bit after surgery. So I will be trying my best to blog as much as possible. Thank you to those of you who have messaged me wishing me well, your understanding means a lot to me. My only way of being on SL in through the Lumiya app on my phone so if you see me online that’s why.  Thank you to my followers and sponsors for sticking by me and having patience while I deal with everything.    **I do NOT own the photo, its something I got off my phone from google lol**


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