Seems I cannot catch a break with anything right now. I have been in and out of the hospital the past couple weeks for scans and blood tests and ultrasounds. I have found out that I have a rather large number of cysts on my ovaries and uterus. The ultrasound showed they were solid which means higher risk for cancer. I will be having surgery because of this. Due to the testing and everything I am just now getting to my skin fair items and items for Captivity CO & RO. But now a new problem occurs, the desktop I was sent by a friend seems to be having a graphics card issue where every time I log into SL it crashes. Not sure whats up but I am trying to fix it ASAP. I am so very sorry for all this nonsense and I hope to have things working right soon. If you need to contact me please message me on flickr as I cannot log into SL except on mobile. I am hoping my skin fair designers and sponsors will be able to see this as I have no way of contacting you one by one from mobile.  I just want to blog and It’s really pissing me off that things keep getting in the way, again I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you all understand, again if you need to speak with me please please message me on Flickr .


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