The Butterfly Room



Before I post where everything is from I would first like to talk to you about an event I recently came across and thought it needed news spread about it. The Epidermolysis Bullosa Awareness event it will be taking place in SL from April 28th Until May5th. This event is to raise awareness for a terrible and heart breaking disease. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a  disease where the person who has it’s skin is so delicate that even just a touch would cause severe blisters on the skin.  Symptoms of this disease are Hair Loss, Blisters around eyes & nose, blistering at birth, dental problems (tooth decay for example), Breathing issues, Hoarse cry & cough. Tiny white bumps/pimples. Blistering around mouth & throat that make is hard to eat. Even nail loss or deformities.  Epidermolysis Bullosa  is a genetic disease, meaning it is passed through families. There is no known cure, just ways they can sort of help repair the damage being done such as Skin Graphs. When I heard about Epidermolysis Bullosa  it broke my heart to think of the people who have this and what they must go through everyday. For more information on the event please visit: There are so many wonderful designers who have stepped up to contribute to raising awareness.  


All Furniture (Except Fireplace) Are Available By Kaerri At the EB Awareness Event. Be sure to swing by and pick up these lovely items. Chairs Have Poses in them, Table Lamp Lights Up & Cabinets Doors Open!  Pick Them ALL Up Here: EB Awareness Event

**Special Thanks To Burdeyna Islands For Their Generous Donation Of The Land Used For This Event!**



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