Tainted Beauty

Tainted Beauty

What I Am Wearing:
Doll Av:  *COCO*_Doll_SnowWhite_MeshAvatar (Upcoming Enchantment Event, TYSM Corcoro!)
Item In Hand: Mad’ – La Pomme Amour – Crunch [ring.right] (Upcoming Enchantment Event, TYSM Eve!)
Event Details:
The Enchantment Event is a 3 month ration event that will be celebrating its first event on November 1st. The Events are based of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. The first round of Enchantment will be focused on the story of Snow White. There are a total of 30 designers participating. Above I have shown a preview of two items from The Enchantment Event.
First Item Featured: The CoCo Snow White Mesh Doll Avatar. Comes with a simple shape, Snow White Ballet Outfit attached to the dolls body. The Doll Head & Hair as well as a very cute gold Doll Key in the back. This avatar I fell in love with the moment I saw it. The amount of detail in the mesh and the way the body moves is just fantastic. The face is so cute and simple with a beautiful look to it. The hair is just great and helps pull the avatar together. Make sure you pick this up at the Enchantment event because it will not be sold again after that!! There will be a demo available at the event so you can try it on and make sure you like it. Then if you decide to buy it you can pick up this beauty for just 800L. Thank You Cocoro for allowing me to review and blog this stunning avatar.
Second Item Featured:  Mad’ La Pomme- Rotten. The item in my hand is actually a ring. The can be worn on right or left hand and come with a normal version and a crunch version (meaning there’s a bite missing). These rings are so amazing, they are made from mesh and are unrigged so they and be moved around. There is also a resizer script in them so if you need to make them bigger or smaller it can be easily done! The textures are very realistic and just perfect. I highly recommend you grab these rings, they are available in 5 options. Amour (Red), Frozen (White), Rotten (Brown), Green, Witch (Black). Be sure to snatch these up when you can, they are only 200L & only available at the event and will never be sold again! Thank You so much Eve for allowing me to review these beautiful rings.

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